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I played bridge for a couple of months as a teenager and restarted in February 2002 and joined the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). I became a Life Master on July 1, 2004 when I won the last required silver points (I also became a Bronze Life Master as I had almost 600 points). The black points were also the hardest for me to get as I did not play much at the club (reached the required 50 black point in June 2004). I am currently a Gold Life Master, certified director, accredited teacher and have won masterpoint-restricted national events in both pairs and teams.

Atlanta Club

I have developed my own bidding system called Atlanta Club. This is a strong club system with first-round transfers. It is named after the city I live in. Click on the link for more details on the Atlanta Club system.

Using this system, my regular partner (Ed Foran) and I won the Sally Young Life Master Open Pairs at the Atlanta National tournament in July 2005. Our team also finished second in the Mini-Spingold II (0-1500) at the same tournament losing in the final by 32 IMPs. The following year in Chicago we finished 3rd in the Young Life Master Open Pairs and won the Mini-Spingold II (0-1500).

In 2006, we finished second in the Victor Daly KO, this was the main team event in the 2006 ABA Summer National in Atlanta.

For people I know, I can email you the Atlanta Club bidding notes, see how to contact me to get a copy.

Chicago Mini-Spingold (0-1500) Final 28 Boards

This is my first hand account of the final 28 boards of the Mini-Spingold (aka "Micro-Spingold") from Chicago in 2006.

World Events

I have played in two World Bridge Federation (WBF) events -
  1. IMP pairs in Philadelphia in 2013. We finished 13th. WBF Results
  2. Mixed pairs in Wroclaw, Poland in 2016. Lindsey Weigner and I won the final B. WBF Results


I am an ACBL certified director.


I am an ACBL accredited teacher. I teach bridge as part of an after-school program at a local school. My students are typically 8-11 years old. After 8-12 lessons (varies depending on the time of year I teach), we take on the staff in a tournament. Apparently kids this young should not be picking up the game this quickly... Some of the kids have then played in ACBL events.


I now track these on a separate page.

Last updated: February 4, 2017