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I have spent some time researching my family tree. Many thanks to all those who have supplied information to help me build my tree. I have done a one name study of the last name Hammond(s) living in Nottinghamshire 1841-1901.

A copy of my family tree is at I only list relatives who were born more than 100 years ago.

The following table shows the number of possible ancestors and how many I have information on.

Generation Maximum
number of
Number I
have found
Generation Maximum
number of
Number I
have found
122 1940-Present 66432 1790-1870
244 1910-1990 712810 1760-1840
388 1880-1960 82566 1730-1810
41616 1850-1930 95126 1700-1780
53231 1820-1900 1010244 1670-1750

If you are related to any of the following people, let me know, as we are probably related! All of the people listed below were born in England (unless noted). Unfortunately there is no-one famous or infamous that I am related to (my wife's side of the family is a different story). The names are generally as far back as I have been able to research on a particular line.

See how to contact me. Put Genealogy in the subject line to help me identify the message.

I have put the following list here hoping that search engines will pick it up and you will have found this page through a search engine.

Hammond, Mark Hammond married to Mary Wilkinson. Lived late 1790s in Nottingham.
Hammond, James Hammond married to Mary Smith. Born 1805, died 1863. Lived in Arnold, Nottingham.
Wilkinson, Mary Wilkinson, died about 1812. Married to Mark Hammond.
Smith, William Smith married to Jane Lee, lived late 1700s in Arnold.
Smith, William Smith born 1786 in Arnold. Married to Elizabeth Holmes.
Lee, Jane Lee married to William Smith late 1700s in Arnold.
Holmes, Elizabeth Holmes married to William Smith.
Knighton, Benjamin Knighton married to Mary Cook.
Knighton, William Connor married to Mary Trueman.
Hearson, Thomas Hearson, born 1704. Married to Sarah Carter.
Hearson, John Hearson, married to Jane Motteram.
Pegg or Pegge, Thomas William Pegg or Thomas William Pegge, born 1842.
Pritchett, George Pritchett of Granby Nottingham. Long line of George Pritchetts! They married (I believe) the following Anne Silverwood (1677-), Sarah Simpson, Ann Brusby, Mary Davey (1783-1851), Pheby Rose or Phoebe Rose (1808-1881), Mary Taylor (1832-1922).
Haywood, George Haywood born 1804 died 1872.
Barsby, Joseph Barsby born 1811 in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. Any Barsby in Long Eaton or Derbyshire.
Stenson, Clara Stenson, born 1808.
Pegg, Thomas Pegg, born 1806
North, George North, born 1822, died 1903.
Hibbert, Jane Hibbert, born 1819, died 1881.
Roberts, Ethel Roberts, born 1884, died 1938.
Tarling, William Tarling, born 1779, died 1865. Married Mary Barnard.
Barnard, Mary Barnard, born 1773. Married William Tarling.
Lloyd, Samuel Lloyd, born 1812, married Jane?
Cooper, Phoebe Ann Cooper, born 1865, died 1915. Married William Tarling.
Worth, Robert Worth, born 1788, died 1855.
Davis, Sarah Jane Davis, born 1864, died 1929.
Davis, James Davis, born 1835. Married Elizabeth.

The specific areas I am looking for more information at the moment are

Any Hammond in Nottingham before 1830.

Any Pritchett in Granby before 1840.

Any Barsby in Long Eaton, Derbyshire or Derbyshire before 1830

My research has taken me to Salt Lake City for the Mormon Genealogy Library, London at the General Research Office and various places around Nottingham. I have a subscription to so have researched English Census 1841-1901. I have a copy of the Nottingham Family History Center Burial, Christening and Marriage CDs and have researched these.

Last updated: February 4, 2017