NJH Security Consulting/Intelligent Shopping

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NJH Security Consulting (NJH) and Intelligent Shopping were acquired by Internet Security Systems (ISS) of Atlanta in 1999. ISS was acquired by IBM in October 2006.

Even though we were acquired several years ago, I was surprised that there were still a number of hits under a Google search. Here are but a few...

Description Date Site/link
Secure Internet Commerce - Design and Implementation of the Security Architecture of Security First Network Bank, FSB by Nicolas Hammond. Paper at the 19th National Information Systems Security Conference October 1996 Link
Banking on a Secure Internet Article on security management Link
Worldcom uses NJH automated scanning service August 26, 1998 Link
Andrew Gingher interviewed about security audits in article "How do you test strength of a network's security?" by Chaim Yudkowsky November 16, 1998 Linkl
Subcontractor to Titan for GS contract for the Federal Technology Service (FTS) Safeguard Program in the Office of Information Security (OIS) June, 1999 Link
ISS Acquisition of NJH September 27, 1999 Link
Article on how ISS plans to use the automated scanning service developed by NJH. September 28, 1999 Link
How to remotely audit a secure web server by Nicolas Hammond. Presentation at the SANS 99 Conference. October 1999 Links no longer available


The NJH web site used to contain a lot of information about security vulnerabilities and was therefore pointed to by lots of search engines. This information is no longer available on the Internet.

If you want to contact a former employee of NJH Security Consulting or Intelligent Shopping, see contact page.